Map of parking in Kingston
Void parking ticket request

2 hour Parking

The Port provides free two-hour parking for the general public. This parking is for the general public visiting the Port of Kingston, Mike Wallace Park, and downtown businesses. The two hour parking is marked in the spaces provided. The Port strictly enforces the two-hour time limit with $20 fines per infraction. If you are parking to take the ferry please use our daily/weekly lot to avoid being fined.

Daily/Weekly Commuter Parking

There are 111 parking spaces available for use by commuters and visiting public. The parking spots are individually numbered 1 through 111. The daily parking fee is $5.00 per 12 hour period and can be reserved for up to 14 days. The pay machine is centrally located in the paid parking lot and will accept cash, debit, and credit cards. The pay machine does not have the ability to return money or give change. If you wish to extend your parking time you may do so by calling the Port Office, please have your credit/debit card available.

Port of Kingston Parking

Monthly Commuter Parking

There are 33 monthly commuter parking spaces available for lease for $75.00 per month. Spaces 1 through 13 are available 7 days per week, and spaces 14 through 33 are available Monday through Friday. There is a current waiting list for all spaces. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list please contact the Port Office.

Truck & Trailer Parking

The Port provides 18 truck and trailer parking spaces adjacent to the boat launch ramp. The truck and trailer parking fee is $5.00 per 12 hour period. A parking pay box is located next to the launch ramp. Please complete the provided envelope, enclose the appropriate fee, and place the receipt on your vehicles dash to avoid being fined. Overflow parking is available up the hill in the paid parking section. 

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